There is something special about teepees. I have loved them since childhood.

I am sure we can all relate to draping blankets over chairs and reading by flashlight under a homemade fort or teepee. What about integrating this festive private space into the classroom or your child’s room?

The has brilliant and easy ideas for creating one in any space, in one day!


The website is easy to follow with step by step instructions for making this lovely reading and play space.

It is suggested to gather old fabric…do you have old outfits your children wore that you know they won’t wear again (but they are still saved in plastic bins in your garage)? No….hmmm…I can’t be the only one saving these! Maybe you have old dresses hanging in your closet that could be used to create something new, yes, I have those too.

This is the perfect winter cleaning and art project! Clean out the garage, gather the kids old clothing and yours too, then cut the clothing or extra fabric into strips. In the classroom, we c

ould do this by asking each child to bring fabric or an old shirt or pants from home to contribute to the class teepee.

This would be an excellent supplement to sequential wring, as the children could write how they made the teepee step by step. This project could also connect to art, math, measurement, and history all in one! What a brilliant cross curriculum project- based activity that would yield a year’s worth of enjoyment. The beloved classroom teepee could also be auctioned off for a class or school fundraiser at the end of the year, allowing the following class to create their own unique teepee.

0_0_0_0_459_306_csupload_61789389 is one of my favorite sites for classroom and home inspirations. They provide detailed instructions with before and after photos. If you haven’t already done so, visit their site to explore what you can bring to your class or home.




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